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Website Design

Creating beautiful websites that stand out from the competition. Understanding current design trends and applying them to new concepts and products that are searching for their audience.  Making this connection is the point, and I help my clients exceed these expectations.

Mobile Design

Today, business websites and technologies must be responsive and able to adapt to whatever device the user is using. Meaning the website can adapt its content, structure, and design aspects based on the user’s demographic.

Graphic Design

Design and communication help you better market your products and services. Layout, typography and use of color are essential elements in creating a stand out brand or a powerful message. Print collateral, in-store sign marketing, social media marketing.


Businesses are finally realizing the importance of prioritizing UX and are now designing their company’s websites, apps, and technologies with the sole focus of creating a seamless, intuitive, and enjoyable UX. A great product cannot overcome a bad user experience.

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What People Have to Say

I worked with Ryan on digital marketing design projects at The Social Firm. Ryan’s endless creativity brought even the most minimal projects to life. And his intuitive understanding of digital communications kept the agency pushing forward and finding the creative edge to exceed client expectations.

Any company that has Ryan on-board is making a smart addition.

Lauren Schultz Digital Project Manager • Fathom Marketing

I had the pleasure of working closely with Ryan Kendall on various client and internal design projects at The Social Firm. Skilled at creative problem solving, he is able to use design to make a visual impact and lasting impression for target audiences. His work on The Social Firm's new website took the brand to a whole new level. I was continually impressed with Ryan's innovative ideas, creative drive and quick turn around on projects – he’s a natural at what he does and a very valuable asset to any company.

Jillian Span Hofbauer Freelance Writer and Editor

I've worked with Ryan periodically since 2002, and he is perhaps one of the most gifted designers I have had the pleasure to know. Not only does he have incredible natural talent, but he is also easy to communicate with, especially in terms of modifications to designs/prototypes. He is able to interpret and deliver on the client/project requirements, making the process fun, efficient, and providing a high ROI.

Mindi StaleyStrategic Consultant (Marketing/Technology)

Ryan is a creative, funny guy with an amazingly positive outlook. He finds beauty in the details, and that serves his design well. Ryan is equally effective behind the scenes and in front of clients, who recognize him as an asset to their projects. His grace under pressure – and his quiet leadership – made a positive impact on our team.

Alice Smith Strategic marketing & communications leader | Brand builder

The first word that comes to mind when reflecting on the time spent working along side Ryan is "Determined." Of all the freelance designers I've had the pleasure of working with, Ryan was the only one who jumped in with both feet as soon as he walked in the door. While both creative and forward-thinking, he also carries a no-nonsense attitude to getting the job done. I highly recommend Ryan as the go-to freelancer for any organization who needs the job done right and needs it done now.

Jason VelliquetteVP, Global Digital Strategy Director at Publicis

From day one, Ryan was highly engaged and immediately added value to our projects. When Ryan was called upon for creative and strategic thought he delivered. He works well with the team, is highly supportive, and based on our time working together he is conscientious, reliable, and works well with the team and clients. It has been a pleasure.

Dan Harris VP of Digital Marketing Strategy & Client Success

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