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Book Cover Design, Around The Block

By October 25, 2021 No Comments

I was recently commissioned by author and comedian, Rob Durham to design the cover for his latest novel, Around The Block. The story centers around a small town in middle America where relationships can be complicated. I have compiled the creative process in a presentation that I wish to share with my colleagues here. This process details some of the early concepts and illustrations to final execution.

Here is a summary from the book:
Seventeen-year-old Mark Lender loves running track but has no track record with the ladies—that’s something he’s looking to change. He is shocked when the interest of two girls takes him from Mr. Backstage to Mr. Centerstage. Katy Mancer seems obsessed with him, but she’s oblivious to fashion—or reality, so her advances only give Mark’s bullies a bigger target. Then there’s Angel Hayden, a six-foot-one home run-hitting jock, who’s so popular she parties with college guys and is way too experienced for a guy like Mark who’s never made it to first base. He can either learn quickly or strikeout.

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